Novitec Rosso N-Largo S

The N-Largo S can hit 100kph in just 3.0 seconds and has a top speed of 350kph
By Imran Malik, Features Writer
May 31, 2016

Novitec Rosso has taken the already brutal Ferrari F12 and made it more extreme thanks to extra power, the addition of enhanced aeros and racecar-inspired looks. The tuning house has dubbed the model the N-Largo S and we love it.

The V12-powered mega GT features a wide-body kit and rides on a set of five double-spoke alloys, measuring 21in at the front and 22in at the back. It has a host of carbon fibre components including new front and rear bumpers, a central front blade and air intake, while new rocker panels and side mirrors give the F12 a freshened-up profile. The five-piece diffuser at the back is particularly fetching.

As for power, the 6.3-litre goes up from 731 horses to 781 thanks to a remapped ECU and high-performance quad exhaust.