Wald Rolls-Royce Dawn

Japanese tuner gives the convertible a more, er, flamboyant look…
January 24, 2017

The Rolls-Royce Dawn is one of the world’s most luxurious convertible tourers, is an absolute delight to sit inside, to drive, heck - even just to look at. It is an exceptionally elegant car and as luxurious as they come and features loads of wizbangery too. It just can’t get any better, and Wald has reaffirmed that notion with a heavily customized version of their own that looks worse than any backstreet garage in Sharjah could manage…

The Japanese tuner decided to give the Dawn, introduced in 2016 and the winner of all manner of plaudits around the world, a new look and we wish it hadn’t. Aimed at some of the world’s most discerning patrons of luxury, Wald’s Dawn would more likely be appreciated by those with bad taste. Very bad taste. It features an aggressively styled front bumper which incorporates LED units, L-shaped intakes on each side of the grille, a lip spoiler, chunky side skirts, and a rear diffuser with integrated exhaust. It also rides on a set of Duchatlet D41C 22in five-spoke wheels wrapped in super-low profile tyres and has been lowered far too low. This isn’t the first tuner to have a go at tuning the Dawn and it won’t be the last but we much prefer Spofec’s subtler version than this. However, we are much happier when Rolls does it themselves.

Wald’s kit goes on sale next month, and if you own a Dawn and want it to look like this, go to the opticians first…