TechArt Panamera GrandGT

Widebody pumps up the Porsche by 80mm at the back and 50mm at the front
April 20, 2017

It’s a good thing that Porsche sorted out the Panamera – the first generation cars were giving us serious eye ache. That is not the case with the second gen – it’s now not only fabulous to drive but it looks properly decent too. But it wasn’t decent enough for TechArt…

The tuner has created a GrandGT body kit for the sports saloon to give it a much more aggressive look and some of the new components bring cues from the 911 GT3 such as the front end which now features a small outlet at the top like the sports coupe while the multi-section fascia is rather similar as well. TechArt says that the larger intakes increase airflow to the intercoolers while the new bumper leaves room for refitting the adaptive cruise control sensors. It also gets a carbon fibre bonnet which sheds a bit of weight and it gets a power dome in the middle to make the Panamera look even more pumped up. It also gets flared fenders that increases the width at the front by 50mm and 80mm at the back. With the new found width, TechArt has been able to house a set of 22in Formula IV alloy wheels wrapped with 285/30 tyres at the front and 335/25 at the back. It also gets a bigger diffuser with carbon fibre trim along with a fixed rear spoiler. As for the interior, it gets orange accents (the same colour as the brake calipers’) and it has a, smaller new steering wheel with a diameter of 360mm.

The GrandGT body kit fits on every Panamera from the base to the range-topping Turbo S E-Hybrid model.