Liberty Walk Audi A5/S5

Widebody kit for the two-door looks er, interesting…
August 11, 2016

This may outrage those not familiar with previous works by Liberty Walk but we have seen more than enough from the widebody specialists to learn not to break out in a fit of laughter every time it releases its latest design.

For instance, who could forget that Aventador they tricked out? They took a LP720-4 50th Anniversario and gave it a new aerodynamic kit with massive wheel arches, new side skirts, new front bumper a new exhaust system and finished the Lambo in a bright blue paint. You couldn’t miss it even with your eyes closed. Then there was the first-gen R8 which got custom front and rear diffusers, bigger side skirts, a huge rear spoiler and an AirREX digitally adjustable air suspension meaning you could slam it to the road and scratch the underbelly until your heart was content. Following the slammed route is the latest effort from the tuner – and it’s another Audi. This time, it is the A5/S5 which gets a really wild new look.

The Japanese bodykitter says the Audi is “aggressively styled” and it isn’t mincing its words. With a kit comprising those huge fender extensions along with front and side splitters, a rear diffuser and spoiler, the A5 and S5 (the kit fits both…) sure stands out. Er, a bit too much if you ask us. But, there are people out there who like this sort of thing so each to their own we suppose. A choice of glass-reinforced plastic or carbon fiber-reinforced plastic is available for the kit but the latter would be the way to go as it is lighter however it is 30 per cent more expensive. And completing the wild new look is that AiREXX digital air suspension like the R8 got, meaning you can slam this one down to ground and presumably watch the sparks fly as you roll on down the road. Just watch out for those speed bumps…