1. RENOWN WATCHES Classically styled driving watches are super hot at the moment, and you now have extra choice at www.renownusa.com with prices of watch designs starting from Dh1,280 — each style is very much influenced by old Porsche tachometers.

2. RACING GARB Be prepared to waste a couple of hours fantasy-shopping over on www.thesignaturestore.co.uk — the online store features loads of racing memorabilia and petrolhead gear such as this 1:2 scale Jody Scheckter lid signed by the great South African champ, available for Dh1,099.

3. AUDI MODELS Audi is highlighting a load of gear inspired by the company’s history, available from trshop.audi.de — there is a range of 1L18-scale model cars including NSU Ro80s in various colours from Dh287, as well as this Pikes Peak Audi quattro limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide and priced at Dh450.

4. RACING TEES www.garagewelt.com has introduced three cool new T-shirt designs playing on classic Marlboro racing liveries — the tees are priced at Dh110 each, and are all-cotton and available in all sizes.