1. BMW MODEL As part of BMW’s new 100th anniversary collection this model of the BMW design study is available in 1:43 scale from shop.bmw.com

2. WRISTWATCH B.R.M. is celebrating the Art Car with five new watch designs each limited to 100 examples worldwide, with titanium or stainless steel cases and leather punch-hole straps — head to brm-manufacture.com for more

3. BEETLE TOY The Beetle ride-on car makes a neat gift for budding petrolheads this holiday season, available with a padded seat and ‘whisper’ wheels, and even a rear diffuser… Priced at Dh365 from drivergear.vw.com

4. AIRWHEEL The Airwheel Q1 is the entry-level model into the, er, twin-wheel electric lifestyle, weighing just over 10kg and capable of a range of 15km but sadly, not road legal on Shaikh Zayed Road — available from Virgin Megastores in the UAE for Dh700 or online at virginmegastore.ae