1. DRIVERS’ BAGS Marclaro’s collection of drivers’ bags are made of classic car interiors, and the leather used retains patina and flaws so each bag is unique, and they come made of interiors from Volvos, Merc S-Classes, BMWs, and old Jags and Cadillacs — check out mariclaro.ca with prices starting from Dh1,649 for weekender bags

2. BIKE HELMET This Indian Motorcycle unisex helmet is available in all sizes from Dh440 at store.indianmotorcycle.com, with a tan inner lining and ABS outer shell, weighing 1,050g and featuring Bluetooth compatibility

3. LAMBO SPEAKERS UK Luxury retailer HR Owen is selling iXoost Esavox speakers styled like a Lamborghini exhaust system and licensed by the Sant’Agata supercar maker, with an output of 800W. Only Dh76,000...

4. PLAYSEAT Virgin Megastore across the UAE is discounting Playseat gaming seats in a sale currently taking Dh100 off any model with prices starting from Dh1,199 at virginmegastore.ae — the seats come in ‘leather’ with wheel and pedal stands