1. Golf GTI T-Shirt For all you Golf GTI fanboys, the guys at GTI35.com have come out with this T-shirt with a cartoon by French artist BOD showing a GTI on two wheels at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Available in sizes S to 3XL, the T-shirt is priced at 23 euros (Dh90).

2. Ferrari model If you’ve always wanted to own a Ferrari 250 GTO, but are short of a few thousand dirhams, here’s your best bet at owning one. This 250 GTO 1:18 scale model, (Ferrari calls it a sculpture) is made of plaster using micro-casting technique, bronzed and laminated in palladium. The windows are made of special transparent enamels that offer a clear view of the interior. Limited to 250 pieces, each model is numbered and certified. Dh21,199 at store.ferrari.com.

3. Period correct apparel Period-correct.com stock a bunch of cool tees, sweatshirts and hoodies with automotive-themed designs, like this Dh440 GTA hoodie (that’s Gran Turismo Alleggerita, an Alfa reference) and the Dh353 Group B sweatshirt.

4. Bentley watch Bentley and Breitling have introduced a new limited-edition wristwatch inspired by the new 700bhp Continental Supersports — it’s got a 46mm titanium case, like the car’s titanium exhaust you know, and only 500 pieces will be made with Breitling’s Calibre B55 movement.