That’s a wicked-looking Evo X, Mohammad. It wouldn’t look out of place in the next Fast and Furious sequel! How did you come across this Mitsubishi?

It used to belong to my good friend and I bought it from him. It’s a one-of-a-kind car — I haven’t seen any others in the UAE like this one. Sure, people modify these cars all the time and they are lots of fun to tinker with, but I feel mine is extra special and I think that is due to its colour. It helps it to look very different to all of the others out there.

You had your eye on this car for a while didn’t you?

Yes, I always liked this car — credit to my friend for maintaining it so well. Before buying this car I had a red Toyota Supra Mk3 with a targa top. That was in fact my very first car and I loved it. I tuned that one up until it was making 450 rear-wheel horsepower. It was very quick and fun to drive. Then, I got a Lexus GS with a 2JZ motor that had 450 horses, and after that I got a Honda Civic SiR. Both cars were a blast and potent, too, but now I have my Evo X I am a very happy man.

It isn’t the only car in your fleet, is it…

No, I also have a Nissan 350Z and it too is thrilling to drive. Ever since childhood I have been fascinated by fast and good-looking cars. I always dreamed of owning one — and now I have two!

Are there any plans to get any more?

Being a petrolhead I always have plans for more — for instance, my dream car would be a Nissan GT-R (R35) but having had the fortune to drive a 458 Italia, I have to say the Ferrari is the best car I have ever wheeled.

Those are different class. Tell us more about the Evo X…

Well, I have had it for three years now and I must say that every time I get in and drive it the smile is still as big as the very first time I drove it. There aren’t that many cars out there that can make you feel happy when you turn the key, but this one sure can.

We’re glad you like it – but would you have been this happy had you bought one of the other three cars that you were considering?

I guess I’ll never know, but I imagine I wouldn’t have been too disappointed with owning a Subaru WRX STI, Honda Civic Type R or a Volkswagen Golf R as all three are really good too. But having made my choice I am very pleased with the Mitsubishi — it is such a joy to drive and I just love the way it handles.

How often do you drive it and where do you enjoy driving it the most?

I try to use it sparingly as I want to keep it in good condition but this is no garage queen — I always take it out on the weekend and love nothing more than climbing up Jebel Hafeet with it. I have had the engine tweaked to produce a very healthy 550 horsepower, and to aid handling are a set of D2 coilovers and Cusco front and rear sway bars.

It’s been modded from top to bottom hasn’t it…

It sure has. It has a set of Advan RS2 19in racing wheels, carbon fibre Ralliart front lip, carbon fibre side skirts, rear carbon fibre diffuser and a complete exhaust system by Greddy. I got the taillights custom made and the headlights have been customised, too. I also changed the bumper and the bonnet, and then of course there is the special paint job.

All in all I would say this car reflects my passion for motoring perfectly; it is a combination of a show car and a performance machine. I have to admit that I am really proud of it and love taking it to car meets or just cruising the streets with it. There is so much to like about this vehicle, but I have to say that its aggressive looks and unique paint job do it for me.

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