Welcome to My Wheels Hamed. Your Wrangler sure looks tough! How long have you had it?

It’s been two years ago, I bought it new and since then have been learning about all of the potential modifications and customisations that can be done to it, and have made quite a few, too.

There are various companies that provide all sorts of accessories that can be used to make it more personalised and different to others. I have owned other capable models before such as a Dodge Durango with a 5.7-litre Hemi V8 and a fully modified Nissan Xterra. But since getting the Jeep I have discovered that nothing can compare to it in terms of flexibility of modifying the body and performance. Also, removing the roof as well as the doors and the seats with minimum effort is something that cannot be found on other vehicles.


Tell us what you’ve done to yours….

Almost everything has been upgraded on my Wrangler; I have changed the wheels and tyres, beefed up the suspension and control arms, added reinforced axels, flat fenders and the most important new addition has to be the turbocharged 3.6-litre engine. As you can imagine with all these modifications, this Jeep is so much more fun to drive now in the desert because it is so much more capable than it previously was.


This is more than just a weekend warrior, isn’t it?

It sure is — in spite of all the heavy-duty mods I have made to it to allow it to go anywhere and everywhere, I still drive it every single day and it brings a smile to my face all of the time. But I do enjoy driving it more when I go off-roading in the middle of the desert where all of the modifications that I have made to it can show their talents.

My Wrangler’s blown motor produces around 500bhp and over 542Nm of torque. Jeep has many advertising slogans such as “yours may go fast but mine can go anywhere”, but mine is fast and can go everywhere! I love the sound of the turbocharged motor and the power it makes. It is like driving a supercar in the desert. But speaking of supercars, my dream is to someday own a Pagani Huayra and I got to drive a Ferrari 458 Italia once, which was an awesome experience.


We notice you have a Hulk mask inside the Wrangler — he likes to ‘smash’ and it seems so does your Jeep! Can anything stop it?

Nothing so far, and believe me, I have driven it in all sorts of difficult terrain! As for the Hulk theme, I got the name the “Desert Hulk” by my off-roading buddies. They chose the name because of my driving style — I literally plough through anything and everything and am kind of unstoppable like the Hulk! I love the nickname, it makes me feel proud and motivates me to work harder at improving my driving skills and adding to my experiences.

Nothing will stop me from taking on more challenges and getting into new adventures with this Jeep. I am thrilled to own such a powerful car, it is my life, my passion and I consider it as a family member.


Since you beat and bash it around quite a lot, do many things go wrong with it and is servicing easy?

It’s proven solid and reliable so far but regular maintenance at the right workshop helps me to avoid many potential problems. And as so many parts are very easily available, not to mention affordable, if anything does go wrong I simply replace it.


What happened when you went for a night out recently?

I visited a well-known hotel in Dubai and the valet guy didn’t know how to drive a stick and so he left it parked right outside the main entrance with all these other supercars! But, the best thing about that was that all of the guests totally ignored the Ferraris and Lamborghinis and were busy taking photos of my Jeep!


Bet you’ll be looking for him next time you visit that hotel! How did your passion for motoring begin?

My first adventure came when I was five. My father took me to the desert and we had a blast together. I remember being surrounded by golden sand as far as the eye could see and it kicking up sky high when my dad was driving his 1990 Isuzu Trooper. That was my first off-road trip and I will always remember it. He would also ask me my opinion about every car that he was planning to buy (he changed cars every two years and so I advised him
a lot!) and my passion started from there.

Now, I love driving long distances where the inevitable changes in terrain and ever-changing scenery fuel my passion for off-roading. Being out in the desert is therapeutic and relieves a lot of stress for me. I love it.


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