Hi Samaj. We haven’t seen you since issue 497 when you had that Audi S6 Avant, Golf GTI-VR6 and a E46 M3. Have you still got them?

No, the entire set was sold gradually and there’s no specific reason why apart for, I suppose, to get a fresh batch of cars. I get bored pretty quickly and like to change my cars regularly.

My wife has stopped asking me about my cars and sometimes doesn’t even know what there is inside the garage! My son does though. Thankfully he has my petrolhead genes.


What made you opt for these particular cars in your new collection?

Well, I went for the Jeep SRT8, which has a 6.1-litre Hemi V8, because of the Mopar exhaust and power it possesses. It is my daily driver. It doesn’t handle too well but I love its boxy shape, low profile tyres wrapped around 20in rims but most of all the kick in the pants that Hemi delivers when I floor the throttle.

As for the Audi B5 RS4 Avant, it is super rare and that is why I bought it. I am always on the hunt for unique cars and have only ever seen two in the region. I saw this car two years ago in a garage but the owner didn’t want to sell it. Two years later I contacted him again and as luck would have it he decided to part with it. It needed a lot of TLC to get it back to good health.

It came about from a collaboration between Audi Quattro and Cosworth Technology in the late Nineties and it could keep up with the best sportscars of the time. It had unlimited potential to achieve crazy horsepower figures from its Biturbo however, I preferred to restore it to its original specs using only original Audi parts and certain select aftermarket parts for durability. It’s all stock apart for the 19in Rotor wheels.

This car has a cult status in the Audi Quattro crowd and is a modern classic. That 2.7-litre Biturbo packs an amazing punch and the Recaro seats hold you in place when you gun it around corners.

My other Audi, an S4, is finished in Imola Yellow paint with full Recaro and carbon fibre interior. This was my daily before the Jeep came along and was one of the last Audis with the naturally aspirated 4.2-litre V8. It really is an amazing cruiser on the highways.


You’ve saved the best until last - tell us about the E46 M3…

It’s gorgeous; I love the proportions and the bulges on the body. Considering it came out in 2003 and is 14 years old, it still looks so fresh and I think I can still can hold its own against the current coupes out there.

With a 3.2-litre straight-six, it makes a distinctive rasp at full throttle and it sure is thrilling. The E46 have their inherent issues which need to be addressed but my love for this car doesn’t deter me. I used to have a steel grey M3 previously but got a great offer so I let it go but I think I will keep this Laguna Seca Blue BMW for a while. I bought it from a fellow BMW club member with a full service history. It was really well maintained and recently I installed a set of OZ Ultraleggera 19in lightweight wheels on super sticky Michelin Pilot Sport tyres.

This is by far one of the best cars I have owned and is the pick of my current bunch. It has great looks and is ever so involving to drive. It’s the most fun but is closely followed by the SRT8.


There’s a fifth car in the fleet isn’t there?

Yes, I also have a Ford Explorer which is the family hauler. It gets used for weekend trips but I try to drive all of my cars as often as I can and usually each one gets a short spin every week.

I love late night drives, when the kids have been put to bed and I get some ‘me’ time. I am a self-confessed hoarder as far as cars are concerned! I must say that I am very proud of my collection and although some give the B5 RS4 Avant a few thumbs up, these cars might not appeal to the average guy considering how many exotics can be seen on the roads here which are visually more stimulating than mine. So I wouldn’t be surprised if most people don’t take notice of mine but true petrolheads will appreciate them.


It must be hard to maintain a large group of rare cars...

It can be since older German cars do require a lot of TLC. Half of the fun of ownership are the late night eBay online searches for parts and researching forums for answers to issues. Then there is the tracking of parts (which I do every hour until it reaches me!) plus the occasional Sharjah scrap yard treasure hunt for bits and pieces. I also like to develop a good relationship with the garages that I use to make sure that they do a good job.


So, what is next on your wish list?

An E30 M3, Lancia Delta Integrale and a Porsche GT3 RS (in Signal Yellow) would be sweet. I just can’t get myself to buy a new car as they depreciate so fast. Older rare cars tend to hold their value better.

On a side note I miss my old Volkswagen Corrado VR6. It was an amazing car, I loved the lightweight chassis and the gorgeous 2.8-litre VR6 engine. These older cars were void of all the computer mumbo jumbo and I prefer it that way.


Finally, is your dream car still a Ferrari F40?

Definitely. In my eyes it is perfection.


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