Hi Aarif welcome to My Wheels. Your Accord Coupé is the wildest one we have ever seen. Tell us about all of the modifications you have had done to it…

I guess the best place to start is the exterior as this is where I have spent the most time and money! I had the car painted metallic red and installed an HFP body kit with an additional front splitter, side skirts and a diffuser.

I also added vertical doors, a customised bonnet and side fenders, an original carbon fibre rear spoiler and it rides on 20in Vossen CV6 wheels (the original wheels were just 17in…) and I know the new size is rather big but I think it looks sexy.

It also has a hydraulic air suspension system on it and the car can be raised or lowered to my desired limit. This — and all the decals — were applied by FOS Concepts who did an amazing job. These aren’t your ordinary stickers — these shine at night and really stand out in the dark. I also got RGB Demon Eye and RGB Angel Eye headlights fitted to the car along with RGB under body neon lights, bonnet and fender lights.


It really stands out now — but you didn’t stop there; you had the interior customised too…

Yes the cabin is fully customised from the carpet to the headliner, literally everything, in red suede.

Also, I had some parts trimmed in black and red carbon fibre while a few parts of the interior are painted red and black but the best thing about the interior is the sound system. It has six Blam speakers, four Focal amplifiers, two Massive sub woofers and a Match digital sound processing system and I must say it sounds incredible. The boot was modified to house the sub woofers and amplifiers and I got a small TV installed back there too for my PlayStation 3 which I enjoy playing with my brother and friends.

We have FIFA and Street Fighter competitions back there! It also has a 10.1in touchscreen which was specially designed for the car that I purchased from US.


That sounds like fun! You have some more work planned, haven’t you?

Yes, I am considering getting wider fenders added and wheel spacers too along with a camber kit which will make the car even more eye-catching.


Let us know how you get on with that. How long have you had this Honda and was it something you always wanted?

I bought this car brand new back in 2008 when I passed my driving test and it has served me really well ever since. I always wanted to get a coupé but I was a bit confused as to which one I should get as I also liked the Altima Coupé but after a while I opted for the Honda.


Why was that?

I just felt that it looked better overall compared to the Nissan. The Altima looked too similar to the saloon body style (the only difference that I could make out was the rear) but I am glad I went for the Accord because it has proven to be very fun to drive not to mention very smooth and it’s also very economical too.


You’re driving the wheels off it aren’t you...

You can say that again! I drive this car every day to and from work and on weekends I am always out and about exploring new roads with it. I must admit that I am very proud to own this car and it is always pleasing when others give it the thumbs up. A lot of people tend to ask me what car this is, they can’t identify the brand because of all the mods that have been made to it. They always take photos of my car when I park up and lower it to the ground and I get a feeling of immense satisfaction when they show appreciation for it. It really makes it feel as is all of the hard work and effort that has has been put in to this car has been worthwhile.


We hope you enjoy it for years to come. How did your passion for motoring begin?

It just suddenly happened about two years ago when I went to FOS Concepts and saw all of the modified cars over there. I felt I should do something to my car as well. I was really inspired by the work the team was doing to revamp cars and make them stand out. All thanks goes to Mazen from FOS Concepts, he was very helpful and full of ideas and guided me through the whole process.

It was very challenging to customise my car because of the lack of parts available here; I had to order mostly everything via eBay — the body kit came from the US. I love this car but my very first car was also quite cool — it was a Mazda Millenia, and had a supercharged V6. Now, aside from my Accord Coupé, I also own an Accord saloon, Lexus LS430 and SC convertible, and a Suzuki GSXR 750 bike.


Finally, what is the one car you’d want in your dream garage?

The Ferrari 458 Italia.