wheels Car of the Year 2016: Best Luxury Saloon - BMW 750Li xDrive

The car is literally the first step in a luxury motoring revolution
By Dejan Jovanovic, Features Writer
November 07, 2016
Source: Malek Fayoumi

Imran in the 7 Series, our Best Luxury Saloon, has no time for such predicaments. Life in the massaging seat of the BMW is good. Luxury cars have it simple — provide luxury. But the latest-generation 7er tries to be all things to all (rich) men, even despatching supposedly the best driving road in the world (scientifically proven and all…) when we first tested it in Portugal last year.

“Even though they’ve made it bigger and longer by 100mm compared to the previous car, the 7 Series still puts emphasis on dynamics,” adds Imran. “How can they make two tonnes drive so well?”

Good question. The BMW benefits from lessons learnt with Munich’s i programme, which incorporates a composite manufacturing facility in the US. All that carbon fibre knowledge has filtered down (or up?) into the sixth-gen 7 Series, making it 130kg lighter than before thanks to its carbon implants in the chassis. It’s not a gimmick — the pillars, roof and floor all have magic weave, um, woven in, and the car is literally the first step in a luxury motoring revolution. Mercedes and Audi will have no excuses…



Model:750Li xDrive

Engine:4.4-litre V8 turbo

Transmission:Eight-speed auto, AWD

Max power:450bhp @ 5,500rpm

Max torque:650Nm @ 1,800rpm

Top speed:250kph