15 weirdest car names ever

Sheer laziness and pronunciation issues were responsible for these strange gems. Probably…
October 22, 2016
Supplied: Volkswagen Thing
Supplied: Volkswagen Thing(1/15)
Supplied: AMC Gremlin
Supplied: AMC Gremlin(2/15)
Supplied: Honda Life Dunk
Supplied: Honda Life Dunk(3/15)
Supplied: Suzuki Cappuccino
Supplied: Suzuki Cappuccino(4/15)
Supplied: Honda That’s
Supplied: Honda That’s(5/15)
Supplied: Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear
Supplied: Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear(6/15)
Supplied: Renault LeCar
Supplied: Renault LeCar(7/15)
Supplied: Mazda Scrum Wagon
Supplied: Mazda Scrum Wagon(8/15)
Supplied: Daihatsu Naked
Supplied: Daihatsu Naked(9/15)
Supplied: Plymouth Duster
Supplied: Plymouth Duster(10/15)
Supplied: Geely Beauty Leopard
Supplied: Geely Beauty Leopard(11/15)
Supplied: Honda Wonderful Open-Hearted Wagon
Supplied: Honda Wonderful Open-Hearted Wagon(12/15)
Supplied: Opel Mokka
Supplied: Opel Mokka(13/15)
Supplied: Suzuki Mom’s Personal Wagon
Supplied: Suzuki Mom’s Personal Wagon(14/15)
Supplied: Mitsubishi Starion
Supplied: Mitsubishi Starion(15/15)

Sometimes, carmakers will do everything right when making a new model – except for one little (large) detail: its name. Usually, they get it spot on. For instance, look at the muscle car segment. We’ve had the Barracuda, Mustang and Charger – all strong, purposeful names just like the cars themselves. Trucks like the Silverado and Ranger make you feel like you’re in the Wild West. Then there are supercars such as the Diablo and Vanquish. Menacing names for menacing cars but over the years, manufacturers have gotten their monikers wrong. Seriously wrong. Here’s 15 cars that have the oddest, weirdest or funniest names:

1: Volkswagen Thing
Its name was as bad as its aesthetics. This VW from the Sixties was called many different, ahem, things such as the Kurierwagen in West Germany and the Trekker in the UK but the moniker the Americans gave the Type 181 was the best. “What the heck is this thing?” they must have said upon its arrival…

2: AMC Gremlin
You usually look for reliability from your new car. Naming a model after a mythical little creature that causes mysterious mechanical faults probably isn’t the best thing ever…

3: Honda Life Dunk
Had they just left it as “Honda Life” there’d be no reason to see this boxy model in this list. But when Honda added a turbo to it, they needed a catchy name. “Honda Life Turbo” occurred to nobody. Somehow, “Dunk” did…

4: Suzuki Cappuccino
We all love a coffee in the morning but naming a car after one is just weird. But not if you’re Suzuki. They came up with "Cappuccino" for their tasty little convertible. Hmm, but it was lacking in flavour when it came to the moniker…

5: Honda That’s
The most common utterance when seeing the That’s was usually, “what is that?” to which you’d probably hear the reply “that’s my That’s.” The conversation may have gone on like this for a while…

6: Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear
This one was ideal for all your space gear. No? Well, you could’ve fooled us…

7: Renault LeCar
Literally translated, it’s “The Car”. Now, that has to be the laziest name ever. But wait, it gets worse…

8: Mazda Scrum Wagon
No, this wasn’t designed for rugby teams. In fact it looked so feeble that we wonder if it could even carry a solitary passenger without the wheels buckling…

9: Daihatsu Naked
They may have come up with this name because the “Naked” was devoid of any interesting aesthetics at all…

10: Plymouth Duster
It may have been fun to drive and looked really good too but you can’t help think of a hoover, or a feather duster instead of a muscle car when you read the Plymouth’s name. Hmm, Renault clearly didn’t think so…

11: Geely Beauty Leopard
We’re not sure about the “Beauty” aspect of this one and definitely don’t see a “Leopard” either. But there you have it – the beautiful leopard from Geely…

12: Honda Wonderful Open-Hearted Wagon
This concept - “WoW” for short - was designed for dog owners. The last thing you’d say when you saw this was ‘wow’…

13: Opel Mokka
Another car named after coffee. Oh well, at least it wasn't called the Opel Eggnog Latte...

14: Suzuki Mom’s Personal Wagon
Brilliant. Just brilliant. Moms the world over had a car they could identify with. Sadly, the name didn’t make it to production - Suzuki went with “MR”. Hmm, sexism at Suzuki much?

15: Mitsubishi Starion
Should this brilliant sportscar from the Eighties have been called the “Stallion”? Possibly. It would have made sense for they had the Colt in their ranks and another equine-related name would have been just fine. But, due to Japanese pronunciation issues, it was called the Starion. Allegedly.