Buick Avista - Detroit

This is one great-looking Grand Tourer flagship, but unfortunately for fans of the Avista, Buick is too busy courting China with crossovers; the brand sells more than 100,000 vehicles every month there.

Reality rating: 4


Vision Maybach 6 Pebble Beach- California

Stuttgart’s ultimate definition of luxury is represented in this, all 5.7 metres of it, which makes the Maybach 6 around half a meter longer than a Rolls-Royce Wraith. The LED strips will feature in production, but as for the rest of it…

Reality rating: 4


LeEco LeSEE - Beijing

The car they call the Chinese Tesla killer is being overseen by Chinese billionaire Jia Yueting — known as the Chinese Elon Musk… The LeSEE is planned for launch to undercut Tesla’s Model S on price.

Reality rating:


BMW X2 - Paris

When BMW reveals a concept it’s actually a car they’ll make very soon (they call an actual concept Homage…), so the X2 you saw in Paris is the one you’ll see speeding down Shaikh Zayed Road in 2018.

Reality rating: 9


AM-RB 001 – Gaydon

This collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull designed by aero genius Adrian Newey is claiming lap times faster than a Formula 1 car since it’s just one giant wing on wheels. At the regional reveal held in Dubai last month word was the concept is fairly close to the final look.

Reality rating: 7


Acura Precision – Detroit

Acura stunned crowds with a four-door GT that puts Lexus’ L-Finesse chisels to shame. But knowing Acura and its staid front-wheel drive saloon and CUV range, this one is likely to merely preview upcoming styling cues…

Reality rating: 5


Volkswagen I.D. - Paris

As Wolfsburg shifts focus well away from the stained name of diesel, Volkswagen is hedging all its bets on a new electric-vehicle platform that will underpin city cars and crossovers, and according to a 2017 Detroit show sneak peak, an electric Microbus revival. The first such concept was a future people’s car called the I.D., scheduled for 2020 with a range of 600km.

Reality rating: 8


Lincoln Navigator - New York

A grand SUV to rival the Bentayga and pump aspiration into Lincoln was exactly what was needed, even if this will end up being a fully loaded Ford Explorer without the concept’s gullwing doors.

Reality rating: 3


Volkswagen Tiguan GTE - Detroit

Well, would you look at that, a crossover with chunky all-terrain tyres and body cladding and a sump guard and light bars and no sportscar pretensions? We like it, although when it reaches the showrooms the Tiguan GTE production model will be dialed down to a trim level.

Reality rating: 6


Cadillac Escala - Los Angeles

Cadillac sorely needs a credible rival to the best the Germans can do with the latest 7 Series and S-Class, and something that looks like the Escala could do it, but does GM have a platform to match?

Reality rating: 7


Jaguar i-Pace - Los Angeles

Coventry says this is a concept, yet it’s more of a fully functioning prototype of a 2018 all-electric Jaguar, the first for the company. Up to 700Nm of torque and 0-100kph in four seconds, with a full reveal scheduled for late 2017.

Reality rating: 9


Mercedes-Benz EQ - Paris

Instead of just launching new electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz is launching a whole electric sub-brand premiered by the EQ concept in Paris, powered by an electric motor on each axle for a zero to 100kph sprint in under five seconds.

Reality rating: 8


Rolls-Royce Vision - London

Pure indulgence and quite an imaginative take on a Rolls-Royce in two or there decades’ time, but we only need look at the Jetsons to see how future predictions work out for us humans.

Reality rating: 0


Hongqi B-Concept - Beijing

Hongqi is China’s oldest car manufacturer dating back to 1958 and the most prestigious. At the Beijing show this year the brand previewed a luxury saloon full of digital displays and an Audi grille.

Reality rating: 5


Roewe Vision-R - Guangzhou

This striking saloon could be the work of any number of premium carmakers, yet it’s the work of Chinese brand Roewe. Sadly, it just represents a preview of future styling directions, and not a production model.

Reality rating: 4


Honda Neo Classic - Tokyo

Honda’s fabulous Neo Classic concept is based on the Japanese-market S660 mid-engined roadster and uses mostly parts available off the shelf. But even if it’s ever made it’ll be a Kei car not for export…

Reality rating: 4


VolksWagen Budd-E - Las Vegas

This zero-emissions earth-friendly van just wants to be buddies with you. Also, the VW Budd-E just wants you to forget all about Dieselgate. We get it, the future of Wolfsburg lies in all-electric cars…

Reality rating: 8


Hyundai RN30 - Paris

When Hyundai announced a Nürburgring centre opening to hone its performance cars, we perked up, and this RN30 concept with famed former BMW M chief engineer Albert Biermann behind it shows us what the future holds…

Reality rating: 7


Italdesign Giugiaro GTZero - Geneva

Now under Volkswagen’s control, Italdesign presented its take on a zero-emissions four-seater with styling inspired by Giorgetto Giugiaro’s past greats. Most notably, the 1995, er, Daewoo Bucrane…

Reality rating: 0


Renault Trezor - Paris

The prettiest thing in Paris was homegrown, meaning the French will never make it, but the Renault Trezor concept made its mark with a stunning clamshell canopy and Mako Shark Corvette lines…

Reality rating: 4