SEMA show cars are all about over-the-top designs and outrageous performance figures. So, naturally, we were amused to see these two from Chevrolet were set to make their debut at the Las Vegas show on November 1. Unlike the usual SEMA fare, these two, a Malibu saloon and a Cruze hatchback introduced in what’s called a Blue Line series, are pretty tame with nothing unusual or striking about their appearance. But they’ve kept it that way for a reason.

Sporting Genesis White exterior paint, blue-tinted windows and 18in slate blue metallic wheels, both the cars will apparently be at the show to demonstrate to potential customers the lifestyle and personalisation possibilities of Chevrolet’s current vehicle line-up. “The Chevrolet Blue Line Series concepts integrate accessories that offer greater personalisation choices for customers,” saiys Roger McCormack, director, Accessories and Performance Parts Marketing, Chevrolet. “Each vehicle wears production and concept accessories thematically linked under the Blue Line Series banner. We look forward to gauging public reaction at the SEMA Show and other venues.” He says since the concept’s accessories have been designed, engineered and tested by the same team that developed the vehicles, the customisation job will display a high level of integration.

The Blue Line concept is not just a visual exercise, as there are many performance enhancing additions as well. Apparently the special paintjob is “transitional”, which means it appears white in certain light conditions and light gray at other times. In the Malibu, the personalisation options include a rear diffuser, a black grille insert, black Chevrolet bow tie emblems, a rear spoiler, a suspension lowering kit that brings the car 10mm closer to the ground, Chevrolet performance brake kit, floor liners with premium metal badging, and illuminated doorsills. These styling and performance enhancement addenda are designed for the saloon’s 2.0-litre turbo variant that comes mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission.

Meanwhile, the Cruze RS Hatch Blue Line sports a chrome grille insert and a 10mm lowered suspension, which are available to order now, and a performance e brake package, a new air intake system, and an exhaust system, all set to be available between this year end and mid-2017. The cabin is all black with satin graphite accents on the instrument panel, shift knob and door inserts. Since it’s based on the RS variant, it will be powered by a 1.4-litre turbocharged engine good for 153 horsepower.

If installed by an authorised Chevrolet dealer, these accessories and performance parts do not affect warranty.