There’s no denying the fact that smartphones have made life easier for its users. But it’s also an undeniable fact that using a smartphone whether to talk or to check a message can lead to possibly fatal accidents. And the rate at which road users are becoming addicted to checking their phones is alarming. A recent study conducted among 1,000 drivers had 74 per cent of participants admit that they use phones while driving, with 30 per cent claiming it is ‘simply a habit’ because they are so used to being connected to their phone.

Today, Nissan Great Britain has announced a technology feature that will block all of a phone’s connections while it’s inside a car. Dubbed Nissan Signal Shield, it is a prototype compartment within the arm rest of a Nissan Juke that is lined with a Faraday cage, an invention that dates back to the 1830s. Nissan says once a mobile device is placed in the compartment and the lid closed, the Nissan Signal Shield creates a ‘silent zone’ that cuts off all of the phone’s incoming and outgoing cellular, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, thus eliminating potential distractions caused by text messages, social media notifications or app alerts. “Nissan produces some of the safest cars on the road today, but we are always looking at new ways to improve the wellbeing of our customers. Mobile phone use at the wheel is a growing concern across the automotive industry, and indeed society, particularly with the high number of ‘pushed’ communications, such as texts, social media notifications and app alerts that tempt drivers to reach for their devices.” Says Alex Smith, managing director, Nissan Motor GB Ltd.

If a driver wishes to listen to music or podcasts stored on a smartphone, these can still be accessed via the USB or auxiliary ports connected to the car’s infotainment system. And to restore the phone’s wireless connections, all you need to do is open the arm rest to reveal the compartment.

It's a nice feature, but since placing the phone in that compartment is also a voluntary decision, isn't it simpler to turn the airplane mode on when you enter the car? Let's know what you think by leaving your comments below.