We like the little Rio but it doesn’t seem to get that much love or attention in the cut-throat B-segment class. But, we reckon that will all change once the new model is out. Why do we feel this way? Because Kia has just revealed a few teaser images of the model with it set to be unveiled at the Paris motor show and it looks good. Like, really good.

Kia will pull the covers off on the 29th of this month and we’re looking forward to seeing if it’s as close to the teasers. We sure hope so; the new-look hatchback, which could be with us in the first half of 2017, sports a longer wheelbase than the current version and that means more room in the interior. And with Kia saying it will offer “class-leading” practicality, this one might just take the segment by storm – especially if, as Kia says it’ll lead the way in both safety technology and connectivity features.  We’ll have to wait to see just what these features are but from what we can see from the images we like the bigger wheel arches and wheels, and especially the aggressive front fascia of the supermini. In fact, this one could even be the rumoured GT variant. We wouldn’t be surprised if it was – the rear track sure appears wide enough for this to be the sportier version. The interior looks like it’ll be moving more upmarket too. But we always take these teasers with a pinch of salt. But, we do expect the model to spawn a four-door saloon and a three-door hatch.

As for power, there’s no official word yet of what we can expect (the existing 1.6-litre turbo four-pot would go down a treat) but Kia has said that it will be “more assured and engaging ride and handling characteristics.” Read into that what you will… A V8 and all-wheel drive maybe? Er, no.