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Range Rover 2013 gets custom makeover

By Sony Thomas
Added 00:00 | June 7, 2013
  • Riding on massive 23in forged rims, the Mystere's ride height is lower than the stock Rangey's by 40mm.

    Source:Supplied picture
  • Hamann's aftermarket programme for the new Range Rover also features an integrated spoiler, a roof wing and custom alloy exhaust pipes.

    Source:Supplied picture

Bet you can’t get over this shocking customised look for the 2013 Range Rover

If you thought it was impossible to beat Mansory in doing outlandish, in-your-face custom jobs, German tuning house Hamann has proved you wrong with its latest kit for the new Range Rover. Dubbed Mystere, the aftermarket programme for the 2013 Range Rover includes several styling updates, but to notice these you’ll first have to get over the shock dealt to your senses by the garish paintjob.

The mods include an 80mm wider body kit featuring a new front spoiler with integrated LED daytime running lights, front and rear wheel arches and side skirts and a carbon-fibre bonnet with a power dome. Additionally, the rear gets an integrated spoiler, a roof wing and custom alloy exhaust pipes.

Inside the Hamann Mystere is decked out in leather and Alcantara upholstery, with a generous dose of aluminium, stainless steel and carbon bits as well. However, there are no power or performance upgrades in the package.