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SRT Viper gets custom makeover

By Dejan Jovanovic
Added 00:00 | August 23, 2013
  • SRT Viper

    The bonnet of this SRT Viper will be replaced by carbon-fibre Seibon units.

    Source: Supplied picture
  • SRT Viper

    640bhp and 800Nm 8.4-litre V10, not enough for Vivid Racing.

    Source: Supplied picture

Boys at Vivid Racing are preparing a modded SRT Viper

Sad news concerning the SRT Viper in our region — no, don’t start kicking and screaming!

The car is still definitely coming over, it’s just that the SRT Viper keeps getting delayed on the way to the GCC and now the probable arrival date seems to be the end of September or more likely October.

We’re as upset as you are, honestly, especially as we can’t wait to drive it again after our brief encounter at Road Atlanta in the US earlier this year.

In the meantime the Yanks get to have all the fun, and the boys at Vivid Racing are preparing a modded SRT Viper in time for November’s SEMA show in Las Vegas.

First to go in the bin were the front and rear bumpers, which will be replaced by carbon-fibre Seibon units, as will the bonnet.

The rear end is due for a carbon-fibre diffuser and the front is waiting for a front splitter, while power will go up from the 640bhp stock figure thanks to new headers, exhaust system and air intake for starters.

Vivid will also develop a suspension kit and some more dress-up parts, so stay tuned for a full package.