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Vorsteiner introduces kit for McLaren’s MP4-12C

By Dejan Jovanovic
Added 11:31 | August 21, 2013
  • Vorsteiner chose 20in and 21in wheels painted to match all the carbon fibre.

    Source:Supplied picture

Not too many tuners are keen to fettle with McLaren’s MP4-12C, perhaps for fear of messing up the carefully wind-tunnel-honed aerodynamics or the stressed performance of the 3.8-litre V8 pushing out more than 600 horsepower in stock trim. We’d be reluctant to play around with near perfection too, but US company Vorsteiner has hinted at a McLaren 12C aerodynamic package before, and now the California tuner has released images and info as well.

Called the MP4-VX, Vorsteiner’s kit for the Macca is available for the closed and Spyder models, incorporating a redesigned front end with a carbon-fibre bumper and splitter, plus composite side air intakes, beefier carbon side skirts, and full carbon back end with a functional rear diffuser and wing. The wheels are staggered 20in and 21in items finished in black to match all the shiny weave.