Atvus to take on Tesla Model S

Atieva’s new EV coming in 2018 could have 900 horses
October 17, 2016

There are more and more electric vehicles entering the market and they’re not just coming from the big players such as Nissan or Chevrolet. They’re coming from smaller manufacturers such of Atieva. Who? Read on…

The electric car company - founded in 2007 and based in Silicon Valley - started out as a battery supplier for Chinese buses but it has since moved on to bigger and better things – such as its new EV called the Atvus. Naturally, it hopes it will go down well in the growing market and the early indications seem good.

Set to be unveiled in December, a grainy image of the saloon has been leaked on the interwebs – and it looks alright from what we can gather (but we all wear glasses so don’t take our word on that…) There aren’t many technical details to mull over aside from the fact that it will be rear-wheel drive and could have close to 900 horses along with a 0-100kph sprint estimated to be under 5.0 seconds (the Tesla Model S might be worried – and in terms of power it isn’t far off from the LaFerrari!) but naturally these little nuggets of info have us very interested indeed. Production will take place at the Dayang Motorcycle plant in Luoyang, China (battery production and engineering will be done in their Silicon Valley facilities) and the newbie will likely have self-driving capabilities too.

The company boasts a wealth of talent such as chief technology officer Peter Rawlinson who used to head the engineering team for the Model S and vice president of design Derek Jenkins who was snatched from under the noses of Mazda. So, the quality is there and we reckon the Atvus could be the next big thing in the EV segment. It could be ready as early as 2018 and have an annual production of 130,000 units. That sounds a bit ambitious to us but stranger things have happened in the motoring world…