Concept-I wants to learn and grow with you…

Toyota has equipped the concept with advanced artificial intelligence
January 05, 2017

Vehicles of the future will be friendly and focus quite a lot of their attention on you, well, they will if they’re built by Toyota. The carmaker has just unveiled its Concept-I concept at CES and more than anything else, it wants to be your friend…

The concept - designed by Toyota’s CALTY Design Research in Newport Beach, CA - features advanced, artificial intelligence called “Yui” which can learn and grow with the driver and connects the car to him/her and over time learns that persons driving styles, habits and how many sugars they like in their coffee we presume. It also can ensure enhanced safety for the driver. The interface, which is centered on the dash, doesn’t have a touchscreen; it features a “visual representation” of the AI system (a sort of intractable 2-D animated avatar) which can communicate information to drivers and passengers by using light and sound. It has door panels that are able to greet the driver and passenger as they approach the car while the front and back of the Toyota displays text and signals to communicate any upcoming hazards. And as for the headlights, well apparently, they blink. You know, like eyes… It can be driven manually but the goal is for the Concept-I to increase automated driving. You probably won’t want to take this one out for an early morning cruise when the roads are empty even though Toyota says this car is about making driving a more “warm and friendly” experience. Hmm. It might come in handy when you’re stuck in traffic and would rather be checking your social media accounts in which case, while it does the driving, you can.

As for the exterior, it’s typical futuristic fare what with a sleek white wedge, scissor doors, hidden wheels and lots of blacked out glass. We doubt Toyota would be able to deliver this one as is, but it’d be cool if they could.