Before you get too excited, we should make clear that this isn’t going to be the new Altima. Sorry about that, because like you, we too wish it was as the Vmotion 2.0 concept is a bit of alright. However, we could see some the edgy saloon’s design language filter down onto future production cars from Nissan. Now, that would be nice.

The exterior has quite a lot to take in such as the glorious grille that’s characterised by a prominent v-shaped chrome band across the nose and is flanked by large vents, thinner versions of Nissan's boomerang headlights and taillights, acrylic rear diffuser, and carbon fibre trim on the wheels. We must say it sure catches the attention and it’s finished off with a metallic paint that alternates between silver and gold just in case you thought it could do with a bit more visual flair.

Fling the wide-swinging rear suicide doors open to reveal the lounge, er we mean cabin and you’ll be blown away as this concept just gets better. Some of the materials used in there include Zebra wood in the floor and door panels! It can accommodate four passengers and they each get their own cocoon-like seat. We love the ‘glass cockpit’ dash; it’s a single, continuous screen that stretches across the front and looks way too futuristic to ever make it to production, which is a shame. Some of the highlights of the concept, which is a showcase for future technology from the brand, are its autonomous driving system (the lighting around the Nissan emblem on the grille and diffuser glows when the car is in autonomous mode) and a high-tech Bose Ultra Nearfield Speaker system which adds “situational awareness” for the driver by limiting sounds headed to him or her. Hmm, think of it as an extremely fancy volume knob…

Nissan says the Vmotion 2.0 “combines a high sense of style, emotional design, roominess, comfort and technology to make the mobility experience seamless for busy professionals constantly on the go.” We couldn’t agree more.