Even though Toyota Middle East doesn’t import the North American-made Tundra and Tacoma pick-up trucks to our region, there are plenty of fans to be found here for grey imports to populate local car markets.

And it’s a shame we don’t officially get the vehicles here (even the full-size US-built Sequoia is off the market in the UAE) because Toyota’s performance-orientated TRD (Toyota Racing Development) editions are quite something.

For 2018 TRD has developed an updated Tundra TRD Sport available in any body style powered by a 381 horsepower 5.7-litre V8. Billet style details, a bunch of lights and an off-road package complete the theme. There’s also a 2018 Sequoia TRD Sport equipped with the same engine and available in 4x2 or four-wheel drive, with 20in wheels and TRD bits all over the interior (shift knob, floor mats, etc.).

The one we suspect would do best with an official release here (remember the TRD Yaris and Camrys launched in the UAE two years ago?) is the 2018 RAV4 Adventure, though. Available with front- or all-wheel drive (plus limited-slip differential and torque control) the RAV4 Adventure gets an upgraded radiator and extra oil and transmission coolers, plus a heightened suspension. Big 18in wheels are finished in black, and the exterior gets body guards and black detailing such as around the headlights and roof racks.

Unfortunately these models are North America-only vehicles so your only chance of seeing a RAV4 Adventure or TRD-fettled Sequoia eight-seater, is likely to remain the Al Aweer used car market.