We have all been stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and wished that we could just fly away, if we had a flying car of course. It was always an absurd thought because cars don’t fly – but whaddayaknow it seems as if our wish might be granted and we’ll be able to take to the skies in a car after all either with the PAL-V Liberty or this latest effort from AeroMobil!

The small manufacturer from Slovakia which recently raised $3.2 million in funding and has been busy presenting several unique flying car concepts – none of which have er, taken off - seems to have finally cracked it with its latest prototype.
It will be presented at the Top Marques show in Monaco on April 20 but not much is known officially about this flying car apart for AeroMobil itself saying that the concept will feature “hundreds of improvements” over the 3.0 concept which the company unveiled back in 2014 and that it is a “completely integrated aircraft as well as a fully functioning four-wheeled car, powered by hybrid propulsion.” 
From the images provided it appears that the newbie will share a host of similarities with the earlier concept but the design and engineering will be refreshed. We haven’t been given any technical information as of yet but the previous concept was able to carry up to two passengers and it featured a Rotax 912 four-cylinder air-cooled engine which made 100 horsepower. It had a top speed of 200kph in the air and 160kph on the road and an estimated range of 875km (road) and 700km (air) but we’ll know more about the new flying car, which could hit the market as early as next year, later this week.

This could be just the answer to all those congested roads - but we wonder if you need to be a qualified pilot to operate one? Guess we’ll know soon enough.