If anything, the Porsche 911 now definitely holds the record for the most broadly priced model range. You can buy a 911 Carrera from about Dh350,000, or this new 911 GT2 RS for three times that.

Porsche has finally made a million-dirham 911, bursting with motorsport technology and all the ingredients necessary to make you sweat, tremble and stutter. No, you don’t want a Turbo and a Cayenne. You don’t want a 911 GT3 plus a Panamera and some change. You want this GT2 RS and a good life insurance policy.
Not merely content with being the most expensive, it is the most powerful 911 ever put on the road and with a top speed of 340kph with 0-100kph reached in 2.8 seconds, also the fastest.

This isn’t surprising — 700 horsepower has that tendency, produced by a new development of the 3.8-litre flat-six out of a Turbo S, with larger turbochargers, and a new cooling system that has its own cooling system.

Unlike Porsche’s mental turbocharged Turbo cars, which only go up to 580bhp anyway, the GT2 RS however isn’t all-wheel drive and puts all its power only to the rear wheels. This is good for many things, especially for your insurance beneficiary, and weight. Where the 911 Turbo S weighs 1.6-tonnes, the GT2 RS doesn’t need any complex all-wheel drive bits and comes ready to tear your face off at 1,470kg fully fuelled. Having just made its first public run at last week’s Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is ready to order now with prices in the UAE officially starting from Dh949,700 although we’re willing to bet not a single example will actually cost that much.

Sure you get a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, and a rear-axle steering system with ultra-high performance tyres on staggered 20in and 21in wheels, as well as carbon ceramic brakes and lightweight composite body components, but Porsche didn’t forget to offer plenty of cost options.

The black contrasting bonnet comes in carbon fibre out the factory, and the roof is a magnesium unit to help lower the centre of gravity, but if you spec the Weissach package, you can save a further 30kg with an even lighter carbon fibre roof and some bits in titanium too. Currently the going rate for a kilo of nothing at Porsche is Dh3,650 per kg, which means getting rid of 30kg with the Weissach package will set you back Dh109,510.

Then you’ll need the reversing camera because there’s a giant wing in the way, so that’s another Dh2,410. And a front-axle lift system to get over Emirates Hills’ speed bumps: Dh10,950. And obviously you’re not going to leave the air vents unpainted. That’ll be Dh4,360.

Let’s see now, what else… Decorative stitching, 11 grand; personalised carbon fibre sill plates, four grand; Bose sound system, five grand, and that’s how you’re on your way to a 1.2 million dirham 911.

Available exclusively to owners of the new GT2 RS, Porsche is also kindly offering in exchange for more money, a watch to accompany the car. The Porsche Design 911 GT2 RS Chronograph features the company’s first in-house watch movement which took three years to develop, in a case made of titanium. That’s forty thousand on your wrist, and 700 horsepower under you right foot. The latter, priceless.