Bentley has just revealed a limited edition Mulsanne, specially built by its Mulliner coach-building division. Limited to just four examples, the Mulsanne Sinjari takes inspiration from falconry, and is named after the Sinjari falcon. Bentley says this particular type of falcon, found mainly in the Arabian Penninsula and hailing from the Sinjar mountains, was chosen as a muse for its craftsmen because of its “phenomenal performance, elegance and beauty,” all attributes which the Crewe carmaker associated with its cars.

The exterior is finished in two-tone Anthracite over Onyx, taking obvious cues from the falcon’s plumage, while the 21in auminium alloy wheels get a gloss black treatment. While the overall exterior design isn’t any different from that of a stock Mulsanne, the Sinjari edition gets a special, gold plated Flying ‘B’ atop its imposing grille.

Other unique features include illuminated treatplates with ‘Sinjari’ lettering, signature diamond quilted leather trim in the cabin finished in black and white with a contrasting white ceiling, and veneer handcrafted from walnut, oak, maple, and bodark, and featuring a distinctive, goldplated overlay image of a Sinjari falcon. The same overlay is crafted into the i-Pad tables in the rear of the cabin, which also features typical Bentley elements such as bright-polished stainless steel trim, chrome inlays, glass switchgear, traditional knurled controls and deep-pile carpets.

There are no mechanical changes though, so it’s the same 6.75-litre turbocharged V8 from the regular Mulsanne that’s in the engine bay of the limited edition car, which, mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission, makes ‎‎505bhp and 1,020Nm of torque. The Mulsanne Sinajri is also being made in Speed specification, which is good for 530bhp and ‎1,100Nm of torque.

Two out of the four Sinjari edition Mulsannes have already arrived in the region, while the next two are apparently nearing completion at the Crewe factory.  The models have been commissioned especially for “select customers” in the Middle East.