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Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro to hit the big screen

Added 15:27 | August 19, 2013
  • “This isn’t the first time Audi has used the movies to showcase its products but the Summit Entertainment production will be the first time the brand unveils a purely virtual vehicle on film.”

    Source:Supplied picture
  • Gullwing doors adorn the Fleet Shuttle Quattro.

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  • Will they double up as wings? We’ll have to wait and see what the car gets up to on the big screen.

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  • Source:Supplied picture

Purely virtual Audi Fleet Shuttle Quattro to star alongside Harrison Ford in new sci-fi flick Ender’s Game

We don’t know about you, but
the synopsis for Harrison Ford’s latest big screen outing, Ender’s Game, sounds rubbish. We’d rather he make another Indiana Jones even if he isn’t a spring chicken anymore, than star in something about an alien war
and sending children into advanced military schools in outer space... Yep, Hollywood is really running low on good ideas. Fortunately, Audi seems to be full of them and perhaps the only highlight of the upcoming sci-fi flick will be seeing Ingolstadt’s futuristic Fleet Shuttle Quattro.

This isn’t the first time Audi has used the movies to showcase its products (we love Tony Stark’s R8 e-tron in the recent Iron Man 3 and the R8-inspired RSQ in I,Robot a few years earlier) but the Summit Entertainment production will be the first time the brand unveils a purely virtual vehicle on film.

Created by Audi Design as a “vision for the future world,” the Fleet Shuttle Quattro demonstrates the possible future design direction of the German carmaker even though there’s been no confirmation, or denial about that as of yet, which means we can speculate on the type of ground-breaking technologies that the low-slung car — that boasts a dramatic profile and wheels integrated into the body — may pack until our hearts are content. We wonder if it’ll have an augmented reality dashboard, or energy-storing body panels perhaps? Maybe it’ll even fly! The possibilities are endless.

What we do know for sure is that the Audi will fit seamlessly into the movie world of science fiction since the design team has penned it specifically for it.

Using the latest in computer-generated imagery and a host of other movie wizardry, the Gavin Hood-directed feature will see the technologically advanced car integrated into the futuristic environment of the film as if it were really there. Vorsprung durch Technik indeed.

“The Audi in the movie represents progress and it appears in key scenes that have a lasting impact on the life of the protagonist. With this, our Audi becomes a part of this fictional world,” says Florian Zitzlsperger, responsible for Brand Partnerships at Audi AG. Perhaps, but did you read the script, Florian? He’s clearly excited while Frank Rimili, chief designer for the film project, compared creating the car with “tailoring a made-to-measure suit.” He adds, “We adapted it to the requirements of the world in Ender’s Game and, at the same time, ensured that we preserved our brand values. Ultimately, we were able to project our design philosophy perfectly on to the fictional world of the movie.” Hmm, from images, it sits way too low, which would surley render it useless in an earth destroyed by war. Maybe it can transform into an off-roader? We’ll have to wait and see what Audi and the movie has up its sleeve. We don’t doubt for a second that it won’t look great or pack some very fancy gadgetry, however we are just a little miffed by its strange name.

Anyway, it doesn’t take much to grab the limelight from dear old Harrison these days so we already know who the real star in this is going to be. Keep the popcorn at the ready folks!