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Jaguar unveils new C-X75

Added 16:23 | July 7, 2013
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Jaguar teases us yet again with its C-X75 850+ horsepower supercar. Why? Because they’re making it?

We just got over the fact that Jaguar’s C-X75 will forever remain a forbidden, delicious, zero-emissions fruit. It took three years to make peace with the truth, since the carmaker first unveiled its 2010 showstopper in Paris.

Now Coventry has selfishly rekindled our insatiable lust for the C-X75 by releasing new images of its hybrid supercar, once again fuelling the “Will they build it?” fire. So, seriously, will they actually build it? Even though Jaguar folk vehemently deny this, we say yes, definitely, otherwise they wouldn’t have spurred on the newsrooms once again. We can always dream…

Now let’s see what we’re so excited about. The C-X75 is a supercar that claims to hit 160kph in under six seconds before topping out at over 350kph. Its pure electric driving range is a useful 60km while emitting less than 89g of CO2 per kilometre, and its turbocharged and supercharged 1.6-litre engine output is rated at a scarcely believable 502bhp. To save you doing the math, that gives it a specific power of 313bhp per litre, comparable to a modern Formula 1 car. And that’s before the two electric motors jump in to add another 390bhp on top of that, for a combined figure of almost 900 horsepower. Want more? It also revs to 10 grand, the torque figure easily crests 1,000Nm, there’s 200kg of downforce at 320kph, active aerodynamics, a seven-speed ‘box that shifts gears in less than 200 milliseconds, and the price is… Oh, we don’t know. Whatever they want it to be. As long as they make it.