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M-brace the new BMW M4

By Dejan Jovanovic
Added 00:00 | August 23, 2013
  • BMW M4

    Classic BMW face with double kidneys nestled between LED headlamps.

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  • The BMW M4

    The M4 design is summarised with a low rear-end and a rear diffuser.

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  • New BMW M4

    The M4 will be pricier than the M3 Coupe it replaces.

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BMW says this next M4 Coupe concept is just that, a concept. But we all know this thing is dying to run free and escape the design studio, just as it is...

In case it needed to stand out in ways other than its exuding aggression, gaping intakes, bulging bonnet, quad pipes and flared wheel arches, BMW presented its M4 concept car in a brilliant colour called Aurum Dust.

It reminds us of the old and iconic Mustard Yellow hue, but that’s where similarities with previous M3s stop.

Not only is the name now different, but the M4 is expected to reach showrooms next year powered by a turbocharged straight-six engine with well over 400bhp. Force-feeding is very much a recurring theme not just at M GmbH, but at AMG and Quattro GmbH departments too.

Even though Munich is calling this a concept, we all know that the finished product will differ ever so slightly from what you see here. It was the same story with the M5 concept, and the M6, so go ahead and call this the 2014 M4 Coupe.

M on a budget

There’s already a 4 Series M model rolling out of Munich’s factory, but in truth it’s not a proper M4.

The BMW M Performance 4 Series

This is a BMW M Performance 4 Series, a package available for every variant including the 435i, which not only adds cosmetic bits like chrome pipes, red, yellow or orange callipers, 20in wheels and black accents, but also adds power.

The stock figures go up to 335bhp and 450Nm (from 302bhp and 400Nm) and you can have a sporty LSD plus stiffer M suspension too.

“For four generations, the BMW M3 has put motor racing on the road and the BMW Concept M4 Coupe consistently continues to pursue this fundamental idea,” said Dr Friedrich Nitschke, president BMW M Division. “The new model designation ‘M4’ refers — like all other BMW M automobiles — to the series on which this concept car is based.”

Motor racing on the road, you say? We expect this to be nothing short of brilliant.

The design is summarised with large air intakes, a low rear-end, carbon fibre reinforced plastic elements such as the front splitter, the roof and the rear diffuser flanked by those exhaust pipes.

The classic BMW face with double kidneys is nestled between classic twin round headlamps with LED elements, and the bonnet Power Dome at the top familiarly harking back to the E92 M3. Three air intakes in total supply the ravenous turbocharged engine with air, and together they are aesthetics and aerodynamic efficiency tangled into one.

Viewed from the side the new M4 concept rakes far forward, emphasising its low roofline

and stumpy back end — the carbon-fibre roof not only looks good, but also helps lower the centre of gravity and features a neat detail with M colours striped along its length.

As for the familiar M gill on the front fenders, the new M4 brings with it a slightly redesigned cue to mimic the boomerang look of the front air intakes.

Naturally the gills are fully functional and help cool the carbon ceramic brakes, hidden behind the exclusive 20in bicoloured M lightweight alloys with the now-traditional double spoke design.

At the back the M4 concept highlights its wider track and flatter stance with the black diffuser and taillights located far off to the sides of the car. More horizontal lines darting around the rear help visually widen the car even further.

Nothing here is too concept-like, then. With this M4, BMW is almost saying what you see is what you (will) get. And that’s a brilliant thing.