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New Toyota Corolla: Now with less beigeness

By Dejan Jovanovic
Added 00:00 | June 14, 2013
  • Source:Supplied picture
  • The piano black surfaces and metal-looking trim are about as interesting as the Corolla’s cabin gets.

    Source:Supplied picture
  • Source:Supplied picture
  • New Toyota Corolla

    Power goes through a new CVT gearbox for improved fuel economy.

    Source:Supplied picture

This somewhat fine-looking thing is the next-generation Toyota Corolla, believe it or not. Try to pay attention

Well would you look at that... Toyota has launched a new Corolla this week and it hasn’t 
put us all into a deep sleep.

In fact, dare we say it, we’re mildly excited — but let’s face it, this is likely to be as beige as beige gets in Toyota’s quest to keep the Corolla nameplate on top of the global best-selling list, although at least the designers have received a jolt in the arm 
for this 11th-generation model.

If only the engineers had as much fun — the 2014 Corolla will be available in four trims and with a choice of two engines, both displacing 1.8-litres and rated at either 132bhp or 140bhp.

Strangely the more powerful engine twists in with 4Nm of torque less, with a total of 170Nm from 4,000rpm, which is, to be fair, 400rpm earlier than in the base motor.

Fuel economy is improved thanks largely to a new seven-speed 
CVT dubbed CVTi-S — the 
‘i’ stands for intelligent and the 
‘S’ stands for shift, in case you forgot what a transmission does.

Toyota says that the 2014 11th-generation Corolla steps up to the plate with, “dramatically amplified elements of style, design, quality and craftsmanship,” which can’t have been that hard considering the overwhelming blandness 
of the current model.

Still, the chiselled exterior is highly welcome in this segment as Toyota maintains its assault on the market for the 47th consecutive year with the Corolla, currently being manufactured in 16 locations and sold in an impressive 154 countries.

Some of the highlights of the new car are the 100mm longer wheelbase and shorter overhangs, as well as an extra 99mm added to the overall length.

The front fascia reminds us of the new Camry and Avalon, adorned with LEDs and thus becoming the first compact saloon to offer them as standard kit.

Inside the new Corolla the stylists splashed out on some piano black surfaces and metal-looking trim, additionally offering consumers a choice of blue, black or amber pinstriped accents.

Thanks to the longer wheelbase the cabin occupants will also enjoy more leg- and hip-room, as well as an increase in the seats’ range of adjustment.

Wheel sizes start from 15in and go up to 17in, with available performance tyres measuring 215/45 for some reason, despite nobody really expecting 0-100kph in anything less than 10 seconds.

On second thoughts, you know what? Sweet dreams everybody, sleep well…