Even when McLaren makes a supposed GT — like the 570GT that Woking likes to call a GT even though it’s really a supercar with a leather-wrapped parcel shelf — it makes the most hard-core iteration of a GT it can.

So when it makes a track-focused car you know to expect a hard-core take on a hard-core thing. Hence the McLaren 570S Track Pack, available to order now with deliveries commencing in early 2017 from Dh77K for the optional package, which includes all you need to rule Friday nights under the Dubai Autodrome lights.

McLaren’s Track Pack for the 570S includes a lot of black Alcantara upholstered all over the interior (you know, it’s practical, reduces glare, sweating, etc, worth a second-a-lap if you believe it hard enough…) and a lot of sinister black paint and dark “stealth-finish” lightweight wheels.

Before you balk at its track-readiness, the changes aren’t all cosmetic. McLaren threw on an extended rear wing that actually generates extra downforce.

It sits 12mm higher when deployed, and adds 29kg of downforce at 250kph to provide better stability through the fast sections. Altogether the Track Pack helps save 25kg compared to a standard 570S, made possible by lightweight carbon fibre seats and those special wheels. And apart from just looking cool all that Alcantara also helps to cut weight compared to traditional leather.

As a result, 0-200kph drops from 9.5 seconds by a tenth to 9.4 seconds, and an included McLaren Track Telemetry system (as used in the McLaren P1) provides real-time data like lap times, split times, and vehicle data logging so you can go home and fret over your line through the bowl. Or more likely, the highway offramp.