Brand new award for 2017

Owner of best My Wheels car to win trophy at 2017 wheels Car of the Year
March 01, 2017

My Wheels is one of our most popular sections in wheels and we're inundated with emails from readers asking us to feature their cars in the magazine. We oblige when the car in question is rare, a classic or highly customised - but when it's a Sunny with go-faster stripes we have to draw the line... 

Anyway, this year we decided an award would be nice for one of the 52 My Wheels cars we featured in the magazine and so we held an online poll and you guys voted like there was no tomorrow. One car ran away with it - we won't tell you what that car was just yet, instead, here's a little video of all the 52 My Wheels cars/owners - and there have been some absolute crackers!