Tamiya Bruisers pull full-size Hilux!

Radio control trucks take on the Toyota in brand's latest web series
March 21, 2017

Ever wondered how many radio control Tamiya Bruisers it would take to pull a full-size Hilux? Well, we have the answer to this most strangest of questions…

Toyota and the Japanese plastic model company have partnered up to figure out the burning question and the answer is… 15! With each RC model - a 1:10 scale kit that is based on earlier Hilux design - weighing 3.2kg and producing 23.2Nm of torque, it took 15 of the little trucks to pull a full-size Hilux which weighs a whopping 3,200kg.

The Toyota is one of the world’s toughest vehicles and seeing it being pulled by a bunch of radio control models is eye-widening. The carmaker got the inspiration from a famous Eighties stunt where a bunch of radio-controlled Bruisers hauled a Hilux at Tamiya’s headquarters in Japan. But the current gen Hilux is far heavier and the task would be much harder but the little guys pulled it off. This is the first of four unique web series videos and if there’s only one video you watch today, make sure it’s this one.