Even though it’s relatively tiny on the annual motor show calendar, the April New York motor show is generally regarded as a bit of America’s Geneva. This year there won’t be any McLarens or Lamborghinis premiering though, because that took place in, er, Geneva, but New York still has a lot in store, starting with one of the craziest cars of 2017…


Dodge Demon

When you’re Dodge, and you’re a decade into making the fourth-generation Challenger, how do you breathe some life into a dead dog? A very lot of horsepower should do it… How much, we don’t know, but New York’s Dodge Challenger Demon will break its covers with more power than the 707bhp Hellcat (drag radial tyres included), and about a 100kg weight drop. The rear-drive Demon also packs a race kit that gives you everything you need to turn up at the drag strip and obliterate every other street car that pulls up alongside.

Honda Clarity

In order to keep fighting the Toyota Prius, Honda will debut in New York a new plug-in hybrid Clarity to join the line-up with the existing Clarity Fuel Cell powered model. Now that it’s a series of vehicles the Clarity line offers buyers the choice of fuel cell, electric or petrol-combined propulsion as the only range in the world to do so. Each variant will differ slightly in design, chasing a low, wide footprint for aerodynamics with Honda even promising “fun-to-drive” dynamics.

Subaru XV

It wasn’t all that hard to miss the new Subaru XV make its global premier in Geneva, what with it surrounded by million-dollar supercars wherever you looked, but it’s coming to New York, where it can actually get some attention for a US debut. Basically still a hiked-up Impreza, the redesigned XV has twice as much chassis rigidity as before and comes with a lighter 2.0-litre engine up front mated to a retuned CVT that sadly carries on with life in the updated XV.

Toyota Sienna

Toyota is going after the heart of American suburbia with a 2018 Sienna minivan premiere scheduled for New York, which is a little more than a facelift for the current-generation model. America’s bestselling minivan nameplate gets a choice of seven- or eight-seat configurations and the familiar 3.5-litre V6 worth 296 horsepower, available in no less than five trim grades as well as all-wheel drive. Toyota has added new safety kit and pre-collision technologies to the 2018 car, as well as improved infotainment through a new multimedia system and connectivity options.