Gotcha! The best of April Fools’ Day

Did you fall for any of these 'inventions' from the car industry? Be honest…
April 02, 2017
1 - The dDrive dog basket from BMW… Supplied
1 - The dDrive dog basket from BMW… Supplied(1/5)
2- Lotus Pet Lid... Supplied
2- Lotus Pet Lid... Supplied(2/5)
3 – Smart ForSea... Supplied
3 – Smart ForSea... Supplied(3/5)
4 - McLaren feather wrap... Supplied
4 - McLaren feather wrap... Supplied(4/5)
5 – Vauxhall wind-up Adam... Supplied
5 – Vauxhall wind-up Adam... Supplied(5/5)

We love April Fools’ – it is always good for a chuckle and it didn’t disappoint yesterday. The car industry did its best to trick us – not that we were fooled; some of the jokes that were concocted were beyond outrageous, but we reckon there actually is a case for the Pet Lid …  Some of the jokey reveals looked rather convincing and some not so much, anyway, here’s our Top 5 red herrings the day had to offer.

1 – The dDrive dog basket from BMW…
Here’s a treat for our four legged friends! BMW revealed this awesome dDrive dog basket modelled on Munich’s latest electric car range. Your pooch would think he’s out for a drive with his head out of the window and getting the wind in his fur feeling thanks to a TwinPower Turbo Fan blowing a cool breeze in his face! With three drive modes to select from, ol’ Max would be the talk of dog town…
Believability rating: 2/5

2- Lotus Pet Lid
It wasn’t just BMW that was thinking about your furry family members – Lotus also had their best intentions at heart with this awesome helmet for cats! Does Tiger like being thrashed around a race track? Then this pet lid would be a must, er, if it were real…
Believability rating: 3/5

3 – Smart ForSea
We wish Smart would green light the ForSea because it’d be so cool. Based on the ForTwo, the open-top two-seater - equipped with a water-jet propeller – looks like it would be fab to hoon around Jumeirah beach.
Believability rating: 2/5

4 - McLaren feather wrap
Even though MSO is ready to do almost anything to your McLaren, putting feathers all over it would be a step too far but this feather wrap sure had many in a flutter. Get it? Ok, moving on, made up of 10,000 carbon-veined faux feathers this was one option that’d never get to spread its wings…
Believability rating: 1/5

5 – Vauxhall wind-up Adam
If you fell for this one, go face the wall because if the name didn’t give away that this was indeed a wind-up, then you’re the most gullible person on the planet. This Vauxhall Adam featuring a, yep, wind-up mechanism just like toy cars would give you 15-minute of power said the carmaker…
Believability rating: 0/5