Well, that didn’t last long! Barely a few weeks after the Lamborghini Huracán Performante’s shock lap of the Nürburgring, where it clocked a scarcely believable 6:52.01 to take the production car record, it has been comprehensively defeated by an unlikely rival — the NIO EP9 electric supercar.

Chinese start-up NIO, which revealed this 1,360bhp beast last year, claims to have monstered the legendary German track in a head-spinning 6:45:90. That’s nearly six seconds quicker than the said Lambo. Even more astonishingly, the EP9 has managed to take off 20 seconds off its previous record of 7:05:00.

This comes as no surprise, since the EP9 boasts some serious performance hardware. It is built around a carbon-fibre tub and thanks to electric motors in all four corners, it boasts real-time torque vectoring. Speaking of torque, the EP9 has an earth-shattering — wait for it — 6,333 Newton Metres of it! That’s more than what three Bugatti Chirons combined would be able to muster.

Naturally, since only seven EP9 exist so far, it could be argued that it is hardly what one would consider a ‘production’ vehicle. And NIO plans to build only 10 of these each expected to cost upwards of Dh5.5 million, which seems a massive premium to shave off a few seconds over a (roughly) Dh1.2 million Performante.

Interestingly though NIO has yet to release the official video footage to back its claims of the miracle run. However, the company has told several motoring publications that it definitely intends to do so in the coming days.

We will update the story when that happens. In the meantime, use the handy comment box below and let us know if you would have the NIO EP9 over the Lamborghini Huracán Performante, and why.