For Father's Day, Ford Middle East created a short video of dads singing along to kids songs and nursery rhymes with their little ones strapped in the back of their cars and the results are hilarious.

From dads with high pitched voices to some who er, appear tone deaf, the little film captures adorable moments that'll sure bring a smile to your face. Father’s Day is all about spending quality time with dad and this sweet yet hilarious video captures a whole lot of  love - and bad vocals - perfectly. 

“In our fast-paced world, quality time spent between a father and his children is more precious than ever. What better way to make memories than singing along and bonding during the drive to school?” said Jamie Rae, marketing director Ford Middle East. “By going further to sing along with their children, these dads are making some truly beautiful memories for their children – and themselves.” 

Check out the video and if you feel you can do any better, get someone to film you in your car singing along to you favourite songs and send us the clip. We'll post the best ones online and you never know, a recording contract could be on the cards, or er, not... Go on, we dare you!