Renowned for its insatiable appetite for the great outdoors, Arctic Trucks recently relived an adventure it embarked upon in 1999.

Following in the footsteps of the famous Norwegian polar explorer, Fridthjof Nansen, Arctic Trucks journeyed across Greenland in three cars, covering 1,200km. 19 years later, it recently collaborated with Expedition 7 on a mission to recreate the adventure, making it a bigger and better challenge this time around.

Enjoying stunning sights of endless snow, reindeer flocks, and rivers gushing with fish — a determined team of seven explorers ventured out into the wilderness — traveling from a reindeer farm in Isotorq to an ice shelf in Wulff Land. In a journal, co-founder of Arctic Trucks, Emil Grimsson, detailed the ups and downs of the adventure. Braving violent northern winds and sudden cracks in the ice that left one of their vehicles severely damaged, Emil and his team relied on their solid experience to make it through the various challenges that dotted their journey.

Dredging through deep snow and facing freezing temperatures, the Arctic Trucks team carried on with their journey by nourishing themselves with humorous banter and the occasional bowl of hot food.

Emil writes, “Craving hot food, we stopped shortly to fix a few things while Greg made us delicious food. After driving in whiteout for hundreds of kilometers, we were relieved to see Wulff Land (our final destination) appear through the mist”.

He continues, “We were now so far north that the sun did not set at all. We wondered if a car has ever been this far up north’”.

After recharging with a nourishing bowl of hot food and a long rest, the Arctic Trucks team wandered around the immediate area, soaking up their euphoria and shooting breathtaking pictures of the landscape.

Resisting the temptation to push further north, concern about the Kangerlussuaq glacier melting and making their route impassable, convinced them to start their return back home.

On their journey back, they encountered temperatures as low as -40C and visited the US National Science Foundation’s summit station.

The E7 vehicle has now been shipped to the US to be exhibited at the Land Cruiser museum in Salt Lake City. The other two vehicles have been shipped to Iceland.