If you listen to the automotive media you’d think that the BMW M2 is the greatest thing since the, well, the BMW M3. The thing’s already achieved near-fabled status (it isn’t all that hard to stand out in the sports coupé segment today when something weighing 1.7 tonnes is considered sporty) and no sooner had that happened, than BMW began planning a 2 Series facelift.

In fact BMW’s already planning a hard-core M2 CS in the vein of the fantastic M4 GTS track-focused wonder, and it’s rumored to arrive in 2018 packing 400 horsepower or 35bhp more than the base M2. The mid-life facelift for the 2 Series line will include a host of equipment upgrades and minor changes to the styling in the form of new front fascias to fall closer in line with the latest Bimmers such as the F30 5 Series and latest 7er.

Since Munich already spruced up the powertrains for the 2 Series line earlier this year, there won’t be much reason to fettle with the oily bits for 2018. The facelifted cars should debut at a show next year, with sales commencing later in 2017 as 2018 models.