2017 Porsche 911 Turbo

First drive of the 991.2 speed machine
By Imran Malik, Features Writer
August 02, 2016
Stefan Lindeque/ANM
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Stefan Lindeque/ANM
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There’s only one place to start with this one, performance. How fast is it?

It’s bonkers fast. It takes you by surprise in fact. It shouldn’t because you know this is the Turbo. Porsche has been making this model for over 40 years and over the generations, it has become better and better. It doesn’t also want to kill you anymore unlike the 930 aka Widowmaker. That one was just crazy; you didn’t know when the turbos would spool up and send you sideways and over that cliff edge. It kept you in suspense and then… you were dead. The good thing about this current generation is that there isn’t any lag. At all. So, there’s no chance of being sent sideways midway through a corner in this one, not with all four wheels digging into the road and one of the best chassis in the business keeping you in check.

Throw some numbers this way then…

Well, Porsche has upped power by 20 horses so now this Turbo has 540 horsepower - the 911 Turbo S is also up by 20 and has 580 – but there comes a point when you really can’t even tell anymore, and it’s probably around the 500 horse mark. Everything is a blur after that. This car can hit 100kph from rest in a mind boggling 3.0 seconds and it has a top speed of 320kph. Granted, you need to be on the Autobahn to see a figure anywhere close to that, but even when you cruise at 120kph, you can feel there is so much more in reserve.

How much more?

Put it this way - the 3.8-litre flat-six isn’t even trying. In fact, at 120kph it’s laughing at you. Taunting you. “Is that all you got?” I’ll have you know I’ve got way more Mr. but that cop in the next lane is just waiting for me to do something silly, like blast past him as if he were standing still. It is so tempting though...

Doesn’t this one have a super pursuit mode-like button?

You and your Knight Rider references! But yes, it does sort of have that button, but it’s not called that. Porsche calls it the Sports Response and it resides on the 918-like steering wheel and when you push it, the engine and transmission is primed for action for 20 seconds. Floor the throttle and you’ll end up in 2017. It makes time travel possible. Well, it sure feels that way.

Does it sound as good as it goes?

Ah, that depends on what sort of sound you are after. Want it to be really loud and throaty? Well, tough. It isn’t. It’s a tad muted and there are other sportscars out there that sound far better. But, they don’t perform as good as this so, who cares about the sound… Ask me a better question…

Ok, er, how much is it?

Is that all you got? (My turn to taunt you…) Fine, this one is Dh584,300. That’s a lot of dosh, fortunately, this is a lot of car. It makes me wish I was really rich…