I was reminded of my fledgling football career earlier this week when the Edge was thrust into airport duty. My sister and her husband flew to Dubai from London for a short getaway and had two suitcases with them. I grabbed the baggage, but how was I going to open the tailgate now? I could have put one bag down of course but the risks were too great; what would buckle first? My dodgy left knee or my bad back? I could have asked for help but I’m a man so that was out of the question. Instead, I took option three — to swing my right foot under the rear bumper as if I was hitting a volley into the Gwladys Street net at glorious Goodison and let the hands-free foot-activated liftgate do the work. Goal!

The boot opened up revealing 2,078 litres of space. With the bags in and my passengers relaxing in the comfortable cabin, all was well with the world that early morning — until I noticed there was no way to turn off the daytime running lights. Emitting a dim yellow glow, they weren’t nearly as piercing as LEDs. A bit pointless if you ask me. Would you drive around with your wipers always on or your horn continually blowing? Didn’t think so.