I guess I tempted fate last week by praising the S90’s reliability, and now within days two rather surprising glitches surfaced. The first was with the electronic parking brake, which for reasons unfathomable got physically stuck in the ‘On’ position. While the brake itself released, the parking brake icon constantly flashed on the dash. A hard push eventually lodged the button back in place.

The second incident was with the fuel filler cap, which again, rather inexplicably, refused to open. It was only after several failed attempts that the problem eventually fixed itself once the engine was shut down and the car locked and unlocked. While these may be stray incidents, which I sincerely hope they are, because hand-on-heart, I am really beginning to like this car a lot.

It is tremendous value and is almost as good to drive as the class benchmark, the BMW 5 Series. Given that it’s Volvo’s first real crack at the segment in years, I’d say it’s a job well done.