Two weeks in and there is already a debate brewing about the looks of the XF. wheels Arabic editor Fadi feels that it’s too boring to look at and I reckon he needs his eyes tested. The XF is a self assuredly handsome car, and it’s not as if the BMW 5 Series or the Audi A6 are ravishing beauties either. Cars in this segment are generally, and have to be, restrained and inoffensive to appeal to a wider audience, and I think Jaguar has done a great job with the XF, infusing just the right amount of styling — there is no design for design’s sake.

On to other things, I do agree with Fadi about the engine’s lack of enthusiasm in certain modes, but it’s not terrible. Make no mistake, though, this is no BMW four banger, which in my opinion is among the best in its class along with Audi’s 2.0-litre TFSI engine.

There are some issues. I don’t quite like the graphics on the central infotainment display; it really doesn’t need a cheesy red phone box to reiterate its British roots. And generally the resolution and crispness of the visuals leave something to be desired. More next week.