If the Audi Quattro defined the Eighties in Germany, then the Sierra RS Cosworth did the same in Great Britain.

It was ever-so popular, almost to the extent that you’d think you’d seen one on every street corner. You couldn’t have because just 5,542 were built.

The ‘Cossie’, which looked best in a striking white paint job, came about due to the poor results Ford was suffering in touring car racing. So in a bid to turn its fortunes around, motorsport head Stuart Turner experimented in 1983 with a Cosworth 2.0-litre double-overhead camshaft 16-valve engine with a Garrett turbo, which produced 204bhp, and a five-speed Borg Warner manual gearbox — and put it into the three-door Sierra. Three years later, the 240kph rear-wheel drive RS Cosworth was born.

It was basically a supercar based on the slow-selling three-door version and its most striking feature was the massive whale-tail spoiler, which wind-tunnel testing proved made it stable at racing speeds. If you thought the extrovertly bespoilered Sierra XR4i wasn’t quite enough, then this was just the ticket.

It also had an RS body-kit and changes were made to the bonnet, grille and the bumper. It was very tail happy what with a laggy power delivery and its relatively simple chassis design (even though it was upgraded from the standard car, the brakes too), and people absolutely loved it.

It had been built to win on the track and Ford was rewarded by success in both touring car championships and rallying.

Most of them have fallen apart over the past 30 years (they were prone to rust) but if you do happen to find a well-kept example, then you’ll need at least Dh70,000 to prise it away.