The GTC4 Lusso T that was on the cover of last week’s issue is one of the best cars I have driven to date. I was blown over by the suave GT packing 602 rampaging horses produced by that magnificent 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8. However, as great as that four-seater is, it sits in second spot in my all-time favourite Ferraris chart. Still at number one is the 308 GTS. And whatever Maranello’s producing right now or will do in the future won’t ever change that.

It’s one of the most beautiful cars in the world and whenever I think of the Maranello carmaker, this is the model that pops up in my mind. I suppose much of that reason is from being a child of the Eighties when the GTS was pulling all sorts of stunts in the hit TV show Magnum P.I, and the hit action-comedy Cannonball Run (piloted by late greats Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr); the beautiful successor to the Dino 246 was ingrained in my mind.

Built between 1977-85 and with over 10,000 produced, tracking one of these supercars down today shouldn’t be too hard and with prices in the region of Dh100,000, it’d be tempting to blow your savings on one of the most recognised cars in the world. It’d be worth it too. The hard top GTB is cheaper but the convertible is the more striking of the two. Yes the clutch is heavy and it doesn’t have power steering so driving one isn’t the easiest but when the fuel starts to flow into the four twin-choke Webber carbs feeding the 3.0-litre V8, centrally mounted behind your back, and it starts to sing, nothing sounds better. It had 240bhp, could hit 100kph from rest in 6.7 seconds and weighing just 1,150kg it was agile and handled brilliantly.

Want a classic Ferrari with stunning looks and robust performance? Look no further than this.