Even though the engine was in the wrong place for a Porsche (up front with the transmission in the rear...) the 944 S2, based on the 924 platform and the last in the line of the 944 range, was one of the best sportscars you could buy in the Eighties.

Porsche introduced the 944 in 1982 with an eight-valve 2.5-litre making 163bhp and it wasn’t just faster than the 924, it was better equipped and more refined too. With an almost even front-to-rear weight distribution (50.7 front/49.3 rear) thanks to the rear transaxle balancing out the engine in the front, it could handle with the best of them too. In 1985 came the Turbo, followed by the S and although six models would make up the 944 lifespan, it was the S2, launched in 1989, that really stood out.

With a 16-valve 3.0-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder — the largest production four-pot of its time — mated to a five-speed manual churning out 211bhp, it could hit 100kph from rest in under seven seconds and had a top speed of 240kph. This was the one enthusiasts flocked to.

The S2 featured a revised nose which gave it a more modern look and even though it was marketed as a 2+2, by no stretch of the imagination could you describe it as a ‘proper’ four-seater. The second row could just about manage a sports bag. However, as a daily driver, it would prove to be ever so thrilling.

A convertible came a little later and the the 944 S2 remained on sale until 1992 and was then replaced by the 968.

You can buy a well maintained coupé in the region of Dh50,000 (the cabrios will set you back more) and it would be money well spent for one of the best handling and eloquent sportscars of the Eighties. For that sort of cash, this would be a tempting entry to Porsche ownership.