The only thing better than owning a 1957 Eldorado Brougham was being behind the wheel of the hand built beauty and driving it. Billed as the most advanced car of its time, the hyper-luxurious Cadillac was absolutely loaded with kit and dripping with opulence.

It cost an eye-watering $14,000 which gave it the ‘priciest American car of all time’ tag. In comparison, you could buy a stately Bentley S1 for just $12,000, but what was even more staggering than the window sticker was the fact that it cost General Motors’ luxury arm $25,000 to produce each one! Why did it cost so much? Well the Caddie — one of the last to be designed by Harley Earl and based on the Park Avenue concept shown at the 1954 Motorama — packed a serious amount of kit including electronically adjustable seats, a keyless start feature, automatically operated boot, automatic headlight dimmer, AC, power steering, power windows, power door locks — you name it, the Brougham had it. It even had lambskin carpet, magnetised drinking cups, a leather-bound notebook and a cigarette case. There were no options — everything came as standard. This was the height of decadence, in fact the only thing you had to do was spec the colour. With a lipstick holder and a perfume atomiser filled with Arpege de Lavin, Paris, the Caddie was a firm favourite with wealthy women.

Blessed with the first production air suspension in history and a 365 cubic inch V8 (with two four-barrel carbs) mated to a seamless Hydra-Matic auto, the 325 horse/542Nm of torque Caddie hustled down the road in extreme comfort.

Just over 700 were built in a two-year production run and if you find one today, you’ll need at least Dh650,000 to buy it.