Over the top, mid-engined supercars is what Lamborghini is known for but there was a time when the Italian carmaker’s original stock-in-trade (after tractors...) was in GT cars. They featured traditional front-engine, rear-drive layouts and elegant styling to boot and one of the best of this period was the 1968 Islero.

Named after a bull that killed famed Spanish matador Manolete in 1947, it had a basic welded square tube steel chassis structure and fully independent suspension (carried over from the 400GT) its crisp, angular new body with pop-up headlights  and a glassy notchback greenhouse was designed by Mario Marazzi and the cabin — with more rear head- and legroom, standard AC and a new, more restrained instrument panel — was more luxurious.

The six twin-choke Weber-fed 4.0-litre V12 was carried over from the 400GT and mated to a five-speed manual. It made 325 horses, could do 0-100kph in 6.4 seconds and had a top speed of 250kph while the 1969 Islero S had 350bhp.

Combined, just 225 were built and if you find one today prepare to stump up at least Dh1.5mil for the privilege.